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Nutrion sponsors first price of 2017 Munich Startup Weekend by teg e.V.

The Business Incubator Nutrion is privileged to sponsor the first price of the 2017 Munich Startup Weekend by teg e.V. Nutrion will host the winner of the 2017 Startup Weekend by teg e.V. for free in a fully equipped Team-Office at Nutrions Coworking Space at the Leopoldstr 8-10


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Nutrion Business Incubator meets industry 4.0 startups at IoT conference

At the annual Internet of Manufacturing conference, Nutrion will be part of the IoT startup jury. The conference is a meetup of industry 4.0 big players and innovators. Nutrion brings its knowledge on business development as well as the cutting-edge IoT trends to the panel discussion.  More.

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Relocation after Brexit? Grow your business at Nutrions Coworking Spaces in Munich

Relocation after Brexit

In the wake of Brexit, you want to make certain your business will have access to the EU single market? Munich is one of the most flourishing cities in the European Union. If you consider a relocation to Munich, we have two coworking spaces. We provide maximum flexibility for your dynamic growth and the best infrastructure for effective work.


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Nutrion Coworking Space as a springboard into the German market - Futurice Successtory

Relocation after Brexit

Futurice, Designing Digital Services,


Futurice is a creative digital agency from Finland. Since 2001, they work on turning innovative ideas into software. The focus is on lean, design- und customer-centred development of digital service processes. Futurice pushes the digitalization of their clients in a method-driven process.


From the North of Europe, known for its sense of design, Futurice expanded to Munich. In Munich, innovative IT meets established companies of the Old Economy.

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Save the Date: June 2015 Norway

Startup Extrem _ Norway 2014





This summer Startup Norway is inviting the world to Norway to experience an innovative event concept that will connect potential investors with some of the most promising tech startups in the Nordics.


- by Marie Hognestadt Bue


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