Coworking in 2024: flexibility meets sustainability.

In 2024 coworking will be driven by two trends: flexibility and sustainability. On the demand side, flexibility is now a defining criteria that businesses today demand.  Mobile working and working from home have become an integral part of companies, ventures and start-ups. In 2024, sustainable coworking spaces in particular will be able to meet the demand for flexibility. Flexibility and sustainability will increasingly complement each other.

Flexibility as experience.

Responding flexibly to challenges has been a hallmark of many companies in recent years. Flexibility is now an integral part of business life for employees. Constantly anticipating new approaches, seeking potential and implementing innovations quickly is of strategic interest for companies. This greater interest in flexibility is fueling the market for coworking spaces in 2024.

Mobile working environments.

The increased use of mobile working environments will continue and grow in 2024. The balance between working from home and the possibility of a professional working environment will play a central role. While meetings in trains, creative work in the home office and customer appointments are features of everyday working life, new requirements for offices and coworking spaces are also emerging.

Coworking spaces must promote concentration and teamwork. In 2024, it can be assumed that open-plan offices and open spaces will become less attractive. The desk in the office or coworking space will increasingly become a place for concentrated and complex work. Teams that want to work without distractions will be using coworking spaces even more in 2024 than before. However, these teams will need spaces for themselves. Offices where they can concentrate.

Offices: Ready to work in 15 minutes.

These business needs are reflected in the increasing interest in ready to use offices located in coworking spaces. The individual desk in an open-plan office will become even less attractive in 2024. The importance of providing one’s own services and intellectual work in a focused manner will once again promote the shift towards quiet and distraction-free environments. Spaces that offer private offices where people can work in a quiet and focused manner are already in high demand. They offer:

  • Silence 
  • Protection of intellectual property 
  • Concentration.

These three requirements for turnkey offices in an otherwise dynamic and accelerated working world will characterize 2024.

Sustainability: Economic stability in 2024.

Flexibility will converge with sustainability more than ever in 2024. This is because 2023 was characterized by market shakeouts in the coworking segment. Coworking providers that demonstrated a lack of economic sustainability were particularly affected. However, demand has also intensified regarding the social and ecological aspects of sustainability. Energy consumption and social standards are increasingly prioritized. The anticipated strong demand for flexible office solutions will drive the creation of sustainable coworking spaces.