Rent a small office in Munich. Ideal for 2 or 3 coworkers.

Do you need a small office in downtown Munich to work in an effective, focused way? Nutrion offers you a private office for two or three people and much more: professional meeting rooms, high-speed internet and flexible lease periods. Our offices in Munich are fully furnished and ready to use. Get in touch and move in.


The offices by Nutrion enable you to develop your company, project, or startup. Our clear and straightforward design supports concentration and focus. You can easily customize our small offices in Munich and enjoy your personal working environment.

Rent a small office in Munich–private room, fully furnished.

Get in touch, move in, and start a professional day. Our small offices for two or three people in Munich are fully furnished and ready to use. Enjoy the focused working atmosphere in your private office. We offer you short, individual terms in our coworking spaces in Munich:

  • Keys and keycards for the whole team
  • Ideal location and best connection to Munich Airport (MUC)
  • Open anytime: 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • High-speed WLAN and LAN at no extra charge
  • Ergonomic furniture for a healthy back
  • Free use of the meeting rooms in all coworking spaces
  • Unlimited use of the cafeteria
  • Privacy for all, including lawyers or tax advisors

Work in a concentrated manner from day one: We offer you flat-rate use of the spacious and soundproof conferencing and meeting rooms. All services from the coffee kitchen to cleaning, maintenance, high-speed internet are included.

Our clear and straightforward design supports your concentration and focus. Enjoy the professional workspaces of Nutrion. You can easily customize our private office. Your corporate design and personal items will perfectly complement your new office. 

Pricing model–fixed rent includes all services.

Nutrion offers a simple and fair pricing model. The monthly rents includes all services. There are no other costs.

The monthly rent for a small office is easy to calculate. The number of desks that fit in your office multiplied with the factor of the coworking space gives you the monthly rent. For example: if you rent an office for three people in Munich Schwabing you are charged 3 * €749 = €2.247€ + VAT per month including all services. Detailed information about the pricing here.

Small office in Munich–private workspace

Rent a small office in a central location in Munich. Nutrion offers you pleasantly quiet small offices that you can design according to your needs. Our small offices are equipped with large storage space, adjustable desks, and comfortable chairs. All our offices are individually lockable. Our IT infrastructure is highly professional and safe. If you wish, you can connect your own server in your small office and lay your own telephone and internet cabling.

Meeting rooms included.

When you rent an office at Nutrion, the meeting rooms are included. You can plan your meetings flexibly and reliably. You enjoy full access to all our meeting and conference rooms at no additional cost. Our meeting rooms are design-oriented and quiet.

Hygiene and safety

Nutrion offices are one-of-a-kind thanks to our unique office concept. Every tenant gets a private office. There are no cubicles or open plan offices. The size of the offices depends on the number of desks a company requires. All tenants enjoy maximum privacy, safety, and hygiene.

You can easily get in touch with other professionals in our coworking spaces. However, only if you wish to.

Visit our coworking spaces in Munich.

Use our coworking spaces for your whole team. Nutrion offers you flexibility and safety in 2021. Make an appointment to view the spaces. Or just call and move in!