Rent offices in Munich ready to use

Rent offices in Munich

Renting offices in Munich can be easy. We offer small offices at four locations in Munich. You can concentrate and work in a focused way right from day one. Meeting rooms, internet, cleaning and a kitchenette are at your disposal.


Our offices are quiet and offer a focused working environment. They are ideal for dynamic businesses, startups, and ventures in Munich. The monthly rental covers all costs.


Get in touch and move in - the quick way to your own office!

Modern equipment and the best infrastructure included

Nutrion provides you with a private office in our coworking spaces in Munich. All offices are fully furnished and ready to use. Just move in and start working within 15 minutes. Internet, meeting rooms, coffee, desks, and cleaning services are included. You receive all the following advantages for a monthly rent:

  • Maximum flexibility for your dynamic growth
  • Fully equipped furnishing
  • Open 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • Postal address and company name in the lobby
  • Free high-speed wireless and wired internet connection
  • Meeting rooms free of charge
  • Available parking
  • Easy connections to Munich Central Station and MUC airport 
  • Lockable offices to ensure privacy and data security
  • No commission for rental

Focused work from day one: We provide you with unlimited use of the conference and meeting rooms. You can rent our offices flexibly, without long term contracts. Nutrion takes care of the administration. We have already managed the building management, cleaning services and internet connection. Get in touch and move in. You can immediately concentrate on your core tasks.


Rent an office in Munich, meeting rooms included

Rent offices in Munich

All meeting rooms are included exclusively for our tenants. You have flexible access to our meeting spaces, conference rooms and telephone boxes. There are no additional costs for you. Our meeting rooms are design-orientated and quiet. The rooms are ideal for high-level, professional meetings.


You can easily book the meeting rooms online, ensuring that they will be available. We support you with modern presentation technology.

Pricing model: Fixed rent includes all services

Nutrion calculates the office pricing per desk. The pricing is transparent and easy to calculate. The number of desks that fit in your private office multiplied with the factor of the office space gives you the monthly rent.

For example: if you rent an office for three people in Munich Schwabing you are charged 3*749€ = 2.247€ + VAT per month including all services. Please find detailed information about the pricing of our spaces in Munich here.



Privacy, hygiene and intellectual property

Rent offices in Munich

 Nutrion does not offer open-plan offices or open-plan work areas. Each tenant has their own lockable office. This provides many advantages:

  • privacy
  • hygiene
  • calm environment
  • protection of intellectual property

You can close your office doors or leave them open to seek interaction with others. Both options are possible. You are in control. All our offices in Munich are designed to protect intellectual property and maximize privacy.

Rent offices in Schwabing/Munich

Rent offices in Munich

We rent offices at Leopoldstraße 8, located directly behind the Siegestor in the trendy district of Schwabing. Schwabing is known beyond the city limits for its extraordinary lifestyle, offering the expansive English Garden, many gastronomic offerings and a rich urban culture. Choose a lively and urban neighborhood. Detailed information about Nutrion Schwabing.

Odeonsplatz: Offices in the center

Rent offices in Munich

 Offices in Munich’s city center are particularly desirable. Nutrion rents offices close to the city center at Ludwigstrasse 9, Odeonsplatz. It’s located in the lively, cosmopolitan Maxvorstadt which is known for its museums and universities. Munich City Hall is within easy walking distance. Detailed information about Nutrion Odeonsplatz.

Rent offices in Munich-Laim

Rent offices in Munich

 We rent offices just a few minutes by foot from Laim railway station. In the ultra-modern building at Rosa-Bavarese-Straße 3, our tenants enjoy undisturbed calm and full concentration. The Nymphenburg park is within easy walking distance. Detailed information about Nutrion Laim.

Offices Hirschgarten: on the main line

Rent offices in Munich

 We rent offices just a short walk from the Hirschgarten railway station. Modern architecture and innovative concepts are combined with plenty of greenery at Friedenheimer Brücke 20. The Hirschgarten is one of the oldest and largest parks and beer gardens in Munich. Detailed information about Nutrion Hirschgarten. 

Flexibility for your business

Typical lease contracts for business in Munich stipulate a period of five years or more. Nutrion offers you lease periods of 6 or 12 months. This arrangement gives you flexibility. If you are happy with our offices, you can stay as long as you want. If your business grows quickly, you can generally rent additional office space in our locations easily. Nutrion provides you with maximum flexibility for your dynamic growth.

Rent offices in Munich

Offices in Munich offer clear location advantages

 Munich is one of the most popular cities in Germany. Munich offers an attractive mix of old and new businesses. The city is a hub for entrepreneurs, professionals, and startups. There are plenty of opportunities for professionals in many different industries, including finance, manufacturing, and technology.

Munich has excellent infrastructure. Public transport is well developed. Munich is connected to some of the most important motorways in Germany, and offers a major, international airport (MUC).

Munich stands for stable growth

Munich has been experiencing an influx of young, well-educated adults for years. No other large city in Germany has such a high proportion of university graduates. 

Munich is not only popular with its residents, but also with companies. The region is characterized by the best infrastructure, universities and an excellent research landscape. Munich is considered one of the strongest business centers in Europe.

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