Pricing for  Coworking in Munich by Nutrion

Nutrion offers you coworking offices in Munich. We have developed a flat rate pricing for all services and provide you with everything you need to work: internet, meeting rooms, furniture, kitchen and so on. It’s all included in the monthly rent. You can easily budget the monthly costs and concentrate on the tasks ahead. Choose between any of  our four coworking spaces in Munich.


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Prices for Coworking  in Munich by Nutrion

Content:  Below you can find the monthly rent per desk at our offices.

  • Nutrion Laim: €649 per desk
  • Nutrion Hirschgarten: €649 per desk
  • Nutrion Schwabing: €749 per desk
  • Nutrion Odeonsplatz: €849 per desk

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Coworking pricing by Nutrion

The pricing model of Nutrion is transparent and easy to calculate. We offer you flat rate pricing. You can easily budget all costs in the monthly rent. The monthly rent is simple : The number of desks in your office multiplied with the factor of the coworking space gives you the monthly rent of the office. No hidden costs. No additional fees for meeting rooms. 


For example: If you rent an office for three people in Munich Schwabing, you are charged 3*€749 = €2,247 + VAT per month including all services. Get in touch and we can provide you with a personal offer. 

Services and advantages – all-inclusive offices in Munich

Nutrion provides you with a private office in our coworking spaces. All offices are fully furnished and ready to go. Just move in and start working within 15 minutes. Internet, meeting rooms, coffee, desks, and cleaning services are already organized. Your advantages are: 

  • Maximum flexibility 
  • Fully furnished
  • Open 24/7 and 365 days a year 
  • Postal address and company name in the lobby
  • Free high-speed wireless and wired internet connection
  • Meeting rooms free of charge 
  • Unlimited free coffee and use of kitchen 
  • Excellent location with easy connections to Munich Central Station and the airport
  • Lockable offices to ensure privacy and data security

Nutrion offers the coworking offices per desk. The pricing is transparent and easy to calculate. The number of desks that fit in your office multiplied with the factor of the coworking space gives you the monthly rent.

Nutrion Coworking Spaces in Munich

You can choose between any of our four coworking spaces in Munich. 

Private offices for hygiene and protection of intellectual property

Nutrion developed the coworking spaces for startups and agile companies. Therefore, intellectual property was one of our main areas of focus. We decided every team should have a private space, a dedicated office. Of course, you may just keep your doors open and have a productive exchange with other coworkers. After all, there are shared spaces as well. However, your private coworking office allows you to protect your intellectual property and offers a maximum degree of hygiene.

Customize your coworking office the way you want it.

Every team is unique. Every project is different. Therefore, you can customize your office just the way you want it. We have applied a modern, functional design that allows you to express your needs, your spirit, and your corporate identity. 

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