Coworking Space in Munich

coworking spaces in Munich

Nutrion runs four coworking spaces in Munich. We provide you with highspeed internet, ergonomic furniture, private offices and an all-inclusive pricing model. Nutrion offers you a professional environment to grow your business. 


Just get in touch and move in! 

Your benefits of coworking in Munich with Nutrion

Nutrion provides you with a private office in our coworking spaces in Munich. All offices are fully equipped and ready to go. Just move in and start working in 15 minutes. Internet, meeting rooms, coffee, desks, and cleaning services are already organized. A monthly rent provides you with the following advantages: 

  • Maximum flexibility for your dynamic growth
  • Fully equipped furnishing
  • Open 24/7 and 365 days a year 
  • Postal address and company name in the lobby
  • Free high-speed wireless and wired internet connection
  • Meeting rooms free of charge 
  • Unlimited free coffee and mineral water 
  • Available parking 
  • Excellent location with easy connections to Munich Central Station and the airport
  • Lockable offices to ensure privacy and data security
  • No commission for rental

Our coworking spaces in Munich are located in the most urban, central spots and all are easy to reach by subway, train or car. Just get in touch and move into one of our coworking spaces in Munich.

Pricing model–fixed rent includes all services

Nutrion offers the coworking offices per desk. The pricing is transparent and easy to calculate. The number of desks that fit in your office multiplied with the factor of the coworking space gives you the monthly rent. For example: if you rent an office for three people in Munich Schwabing you are charged 3 * €749 = €2.247 + VAT per month including all services. Detailed information about the pricing here.

Our coworking community in Munich

With our coworking spaces, we aim to provide the best infrastructure for working. Our coworkers embrace the working style of the future and develop tomorrow’s business models. We’re a community of innovators, strategists and hard workers–always ready to meet like-minded people, discuss new ideas and share contacts. 

coworking space Laim-Munich

Pricing Coworing Spaces Munich

Our coworking space in Laim is located at Rosa-Bavarese-Straße 3 in Munich. It is easy to reach from both the airport and the city center. Detailed information about Nutrion Laim.

coworking space Hirschgarten Munich

Pricing Coworing Spaces Munich

Our coworking space at Hirschgarten is located at Friedenheimer Brücke 20. It is easy to reach from both the airport and the city center. Detailed information about Nutrion Hirschgarten. 

coworking space Schwabing

Pricing Coworing Spaces Munich

Our coworking space in Schwabing is located at Leopoldstraße 8. Schwabing is one of the most urban districts of Munich. Detailed information about Nutrion Schwabing.

coworking space Odeonsplatz

Pricing Coworing Spaces Munich

Our coworking space at Odeonsplatz is located at Ludwigstraße 8. The Ludwigstraße is one of the most prestigious streets in Munich. Detailed information about Nutrion Odeonsplatz.

coworking spaces in Munich

Coworking-Space in Munich



Munich is one of the cultural and economic centers of Germany. It is a major hub for finance, publishing, culture, advanced technologies, and both old and new economy. Our coworking spaces are carefully located in this environment to give you the best addresses and surrounding possible. The Nutrion Coworking Spaces are right next to Ludwig Maximilian University, a prestigious elite university. Munich’s other major university, the Technical University, is extremely research oriented and innovative.


Munich has a great infrastructure with extensive, easy and punctual public transportation, along with one of the largest airports in Europe. Fast motorways as well as excellent railways connect Munich with the rest of Germany, Austria and Italy. Inside the city, traffic is quite heavy. All our coworking spaces provide good parking availability. The best way to experience the city is probably by bike: Munich is very bike-friendly and has a modern bike sharing system.


Munich is regularly ranked among the cities with the highest quality of life. It’s a very green city with a beautiful old town. Whether you’re into sports, leisure or culture, we’re sure you will find something fun to do. The obvious things are a visit to the Oktoberfest, an FC Bayern match or a play at the Bayerische Staatsoper. We’d also recommend visiting the Pinakothek museums, some tasty Bavarian food in a biergarten or the many free cultural events. The city is full of great restaurants, cafés and bars. Or you might even want to start surfing on the Eisbach river.

coworking spaces in Munich

Munich a business hub

Munich is the capital of Bavaria. The city is home to well-known global players such as Allianz, Audi, BMW, Linde, MAN, Munich Re and Siemens. The backbone of its growth are the competitive SMEs throughout the whole of Bavaria, with many hidden champions ranging from industry to trades and service. Industry is traditionally one of Bavaria’s strongest branches and has always been focused on innovation. Therefore, digital business is expanding strongly. In particular, the tech sector has seen the rise of many innovative start-ups. In Bavaria, new and old economy work together and benefit from each other.


Bavaria is also Europe’s most innovative region. The state of Bavaria invests heavily in innovative businesses, research and development. Bavaria provides more venture capital than any other German federal state and offers many programs for business development and entrepreneurship. 


Located in the south of Germany, Bavaria has some of the most beautiful landscapes and is Germany’s number one tourist destination. Skiing or hiking in the Alps, a visit to the beautiful Bavarian lakes and famous cities like Nuremberg, or a photo shoot in front of Neuschwanstein castle–all of these can be reached from Munich in less than two hours by public transport.

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