Nutrion Coworking Space as a springboard into the German market - Futurice Successtory

Relocation after Brexit

Futurice, Designing Digital Services,


Futurice is a creative digital agency from Finland. Since 2001, they work on turning innovative ideas into software. The focus is on lean, design- und customer-centred development of digital service processes. Futurice pushes the digitalization of their clients in a method-driven process.


From the North of Europe, known for its sense of design, Futurice expanded to Munich. In Munich, innovative IT meets established companies of the Old Economy.

Professional and flexible work from day one


When Futurice opened their Munich office in autumn 2015, they instantly needed an extremely flexible and professional work atmosphere. With their focus on clients like BMW, E.ON and Allianz, it is clear that they needed a functional office with appealing, businesslike interior. A platform for workshops and serious talk with clients, starting from the first workday.


You need the best young talents, national and international, to meet these clients’ expectations. Style, design, and a hyper professional environment are important for the Futurice team.


In Munich, it’s tough to find a perfect workspace for clients and employees. And it gets even tougher when you have no time to lose. Getting internet connection usually takes four weeks, and the rent conditions don’t allow for dynamic growth.

Nutrion Coworking Space in Munich

Futurice decided on the scalable Nutrion coworking space. Clients and employees are driven by the atmosphere focused on business and good design. From the very start, the company can benefit from a proper office. They quickly used all surfaces and walls to visualize digital service processes. Soon, the undisturbed and creative work environment resulted in some major successes.

Flexibility and growth at Nutrion

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Futurice had only two desks. In Q1 2016, they already had eight, and on the 30th of June 2016 Futurice had grown to 12 desks in their own offices and an additional meeting room. The company has grown from two to more than 20 employees in Nutrion’s coworking space. Such a dynamic company must focus on the market, the clients, and their own growth. That’s why Nutrion offers the complete infrastructure and creates maximum flexibility.

Established in the German market

The Futurice management could focus on the important issues, like their employees and clients. Futurice was able to start their business in Munich professionally and with high speed. Today, Futurice is successfully established.

Challenges like infrastructure, long-time leases, furniture, internet, or office cleaning did not hinder the strategic development of the new company site. Because Futurice relied on Nutrion.


  • Q4 2015 Futurice opens German office in Munich with two employees
  • Q1 2016 Futurice grows to eight desks
  • Q2 2016 Futurice grows to 12 desks
  • Q4 2016 Futurice Munich leaves the Nutrion Coworking Space as an established company with 20 employees