Relocation after Brexit? Grow your business at Nutrions Coworking Spaces in Munich

Relocation after Brexit

In the wake of Brexit, you want to make certain your business will have access to the EU single market? Munich is one of the most flourishing cities in the European Union. If you consider a relocation to Munich, we have two coworking spaces. We provide maximum flexibility for your dynamic growth and the best infrastructure for effective work.


Introducing the coworking spaces of Nutrion

The design principle of our coworking spaces in Munich is simplicity. After years of development and optimization, today we offer a unique environment focusing on growth. We decided to get rid of any hidden costs, any unnecessary features and concentrate on the assets needed to grow companies.

The company is run by the owners Thomas Jäger and Florian Sperk. We have a long track record of founding and growing startups ourselves. Based on that insight experience, we started designing our coworking spaces. With a clear vision in mind: provide the best infrastructure for growing companies.

The success story of Nutrion Coworking Spaces

Our design principles and vision led to growth in space and rentable desks:


  • 2011: The company was founded, renting a single coworking desk
  • 2012: First Nutrion Business Incubator opens in Erika-Mann-Straße: 14 coworking desks on 200 m2
  • 2014: Nutrion coworking space Laim opens: 62 coworking desks on 800 m2. It is a hub for international start-ups in digital business.
  • 2015: Nutrion founds the first e-commerce start-up initiative with plentymarkets
  • 2016: launches: Management consulting focused on e-commerce and digital business models
  • 2016: Nutrion coworking space Schwabing: opens: 124 coworking desks on 1500 m2. It is a hub for international start-ups in Fintec, e-commerce and digital business.

Munich – a mix of New and Old economy

Munich offers an ideal economy for businesses aiming at the EU single market. Munich is the cultural and economic centre of Germany, with the strongest economy of all German cities. It is a major centre of finance, publishing, culture, advanced technologies, old and new economy.


Munich has a great infrastructure with extensive, easy and punctual public transportation, along with the seventh-largest airport in Europe. Fast motorways as well as excellent railways connect Munich with the rest of Germany, Brussels and Paris. After relocating to Munich you can be sure to reach the whole EU single market.

The long read: What the Brexit could mean and why relocating is the right step

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