Nutrion Business Incubator meets industry 4.0 startups at IoT conference

At the annual Internet of Manufacturing conference, Nutrion will be part of the IoT startup jury. The conference is a meetup of industry 4.0 big players and innovators. Nutrion brings its knowledge on business development as well as the cutting-edge IoT trends to the panel discussion.  More.

We develop the future of manufacturing today

The Internet of Things is already changing the world as we know it, and the age of self-organizing factories is coming faster than you think. The annual IoT conference in Munich brings together the companies driving this change. Nutrion will bring its deep knowledge of both startup business development and latest IoT trends to the conference.

Thomas Jäger and Florian Sperk will be judges of the start-up showcase panel. A series of Industrial IoT start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch their cutting-edge ideas and technologies in three minutes. The panel jury and audience will challenge the startups’ business model and market potential.

Meet the big players and innovators of industry 4.0

We look forward to meeting up with the IoT startup scene as well as the industry 4.0 big players. Attendants include Oracle, Siemens, GE Digital, Thyssenkrupp Elevator, Airbus, Krauss Maffei, Daimler, Rollys Royce, BASF, Electrolux, Sennheiser Electronic, and countless innovative start-ups.

There will be talks by delegates from universities such as MIT, as well as representatives of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Commission. Nutrion shares the startup panel with Dietmar Goericke (VDMA) and Holger Pietzsch (Caterpillar).

Business development at Nutrion business incubator

Nutrion is a Munich business incubator focused on digital start-ups. We accelerate about 100 internet of things and e-commerce start-ups each year. Our consultants develop corporate finance, corporate communications and corporate organization for innovative businesses. Nutrion helps startups build knowledge and achieve sustainable growth.

Thomas Jäger and Florian Sperk are well connected in the digital technology and startup scene. Over the years, Nutrion has built an excellent network in Munich, Bavaria and internationally.

The Nutrion business incubators in Munich are equipped plug and play, so you can start working in 15 minutes. Rent includes fully equipped workspaces, internet and meeting rooms, all flatrate. This means total cost control. From the first day on, start-ups and ventures can work in a professional and focused environment. Nutrion’s infrastructure is optimized for focused work.

In Munich, easy and cost-effective renting is a challenge for young businesses. The business incubator Nutrion especially supports startups